Earlier in the day, defense attorneys tried to discredit the witness’s  claims that  the defendant had received oral sex in strip clubs. They asked the witness if he was drinking at the time. "I'm absolutely sure I was drunk, yes," he replied.

Don Miguel: Where were you?
Don Tomas: I lost my sun glasses:
DM: Where'd you find them?
DT: I didn't.
DM: Where'd you get those?
DT: (realizing he was wearing them) WTF?

When trains had cabooses and a four man crew, two more than necessary, the guys had very little to do. They would occupy this extra time partying. After buying a six pack at a stop, John needed to check the brakes or something on one of the cars, so he set the beer down on a flat car. After he returned to the caboose and the train had started, John realized that the had forgotten the beer. For the first time in his life, he said, he decided to go along the top of the train, jumping from car to car like in the cowboy movies. Part of the cargo on this train was military equipment and in John’s quest for the beer he came to a flat car carrying tanks. One of the turrets had come loose and the cannon had turned 90 degrees across an adjacent track. It seems that there was a scheduled Amtrak train that would be coming down that track. John got the engineer on the phone to stop their train, They called ahead and got the Amtrak to stop, called the Army and got a guy out to turn the turret back and lock it properly. Had John not been intending to drink in the caboose he would never have found the problem and the resulting collision would have derailed both trains, causing loss of numerous lives.